There’s always cooking. Always enthusiasm. Always searching. Never boredom. A constant going on. Always passion. Always astonishment. Always humour, friendship. Always style. Never the numbness of the everyday. A constant struggle. Always the kitchen. Sometimes the impossible. Always the inspiration of love. Always the best. Always giving everything. Always life. That’s Sergio Herman.

‘I want to be my own gulfstream,’ says Sergio Herman. ‘Of course I get very excited by beautiful ingredients but often I’m also touched by things which have nothing to do with food. I’m moved by many arts. I want to smell, to hold, to be enthralled. My world involves art, design, music, fashion, the sea, Zealand. I always go for the best quality, I don’t go with the flow. There is no other way.’

From Eten, drinken, slapen (2010): ‘Sergio Herman is a wild man, an artist, a loner, a culinary tight-rope walker, a knife-thrower, a conjurer, a food poet, an alchemist, a liberated inspiration, a devil’s acrobat, a cookery god.’


My Father

The single most important person in my life is my father: he taught me most of all, he literally pounded every flavour and sauce into me. He was my greatest critic….. Now I know why and I will forever be grateful to him for it.
The rest I did and invented myself, with blood sweat and tears…. Lots of tears


Inspiration comes and, frustratingly enough, goes again… with me too… But when it comes around again, it is usually genius. On the road to a new creation is when I have my moments of happiness, that’s when I am moved by myself.

The greatest inspirations and the best ideas come when I’m surrounded by strong and inspirational people, or in places which radiate energy and power”.


It no longer gets through to me that I have 3 Michelin stars… I don’t really have time to enjoy them but I try to keep my feet firmly on the ground. However, I’m proud of the fact that some of my guests travel by plane to eat in my restaurant… I used to do the same… The difference is that now they come to ME, to Beestenmarkt 2 in Sluis!